Key Largo, Montego Gaby Why Don’t We Go by Jolly Bureau

Beautiful illustration for an upcoming wedding done by Jolly Bureau.

Player of the Week – Martin Schmetzer

I’ve been a sucker for hand lettered type lately, and I just love seeing when folks show the stages or process of their work. Make sure to check out more of Martin Schmetzer on dribbble.


Epson 78 by Ali Prater

Since I use Epson 78 myself, this really captured my eye. A great die cut by Ali Prater.

Player of the Week – Matt Stevens

Let’s be frank. When you’re browsing through a design site and you see a really cool Star Wars graphic, your attention is caught. I began looking through more works by Matt Stevens and really enjoyed his design style. The Star Wars X-Wing Fighter was part of a larger series of badges he developed for Vulture’s 25 Most Devoted Fan Bases. I’m sure you’ll find some other badges reflecting things you personally love as well. Lately, I’ve been finding myself influenced by great illustrators and can’t get enough of this stuff… Let me know what you think of Matt’s work and make sure to check out the comments below and join the discussion. You can view more work by Matt Stevens on dribbble and on his personal site.

My Diet Starts Tomorrow

Beautiful & witty work by Lauren Hom.


Beautiful re-design for Freedom Travel by The Chase.

Old Logo:

New Logo:

Player of the Week – Krislam Chin

Krislam Chin is not just passionate about design, she’s passionate about growing as a designer. Every time I’ve spoken to Kris she always mentions new things she’s learned or is practicing to strengthen her skills. She is always striving to be better than the day before.

Kris and I both graduated from FIDM, though she graduated before I began my studies there. One day I was browsing the FIDM tumblr feed and came across Kris’s work. I liked her work, but even back then, what caught my attention was she had just purchased a book from her favorite illustrator and was practicing to master that style of illustration. A good 8-10 months went by, till one day I began freelancing for a market research company in LA. Little did I know, Kris works there! It was funny to share my story of seeing her work long ago and admiring her work ethic. I invited Kris to dribbble the other week and am really looking forward to see the continuing evolution of her work over the years as she continues to be a better designer every day. You can follow her on dribble here.

There are three recent pieces from Kris that really stand out to me. The first is her “Design Philosphy”. I remember seeing this on her desktop everyday at work as a reminder of her passion for what she does.

The second displays her “Essentials” (design, food, coffee, and her mini-cooper).

The third showcases her unique illustrative style. Having commuted back and forth from Orange County to LA for over a year, this picture brings back some memories for me and I love seeing it illustrated like this.

The Cabin in the Woods

First and foremost, thank you for visiting and welcome. This site is something I’ve wanted to create for over a year, and I finally feel that I have the time to dedicate towards making it something great. I’d love to tell you what this site means to me and how I hope it benefits the audience as well.

This is the story of finding my cabin in the woods… Read more…